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Frequently Asked Questions

1: What is Pcube-wellness 2.0?
A: Pcube-wellness 2.0 is not a meditation app. It is a personalized, science-based wellness app that works on deeper circuiting of the brain (NLP) at every aspect of the App experience to make sure it works for everyone. It is a treatment or solution-based app that offers long-lasting measurable results.

2: How does Pcube-wellness 2.0 help with stress?
A: Pcube-wellness 2.0 offers personalized science-based Wellness Room Trails, which can help in breaking the vicious cycle of stress.

3: What kind of Trails and Wellness Rooms does Pcube-wellness 2.0 offer?
A: Pcube-wellness 2.0 offers dedicated theme-based Trails and science-based Wellness Rooms (NLP + ABS + Color Therapy). The themes include Problem Processor, Crisis Management, Daily Maintenance, Special Conditions- Overcome Smoking Addiction, Overcome Sadness, Overcome Fear, Overcome Creative Block, Overcome Social Anxiety, Overcome Sleep Disorder, Overcome Post Covid Fatigue.

4: Is Pcube-wellness 2.0 scientifically proven?
A: Yes, Pcube-wellness 2.0 originates in science (NLP + ABS + Color Therapy) with an international board of advisors. It offers scientifically proven methods and explanations to help users understand and implement tips and tricks.

5: Does Pcube-wellness 2.0 have a community?
A: Yes, Pcube-wellness 2.0 is a part of the SS Scientific Ecosystem with a community. It also has a Community Propelled Initiative (CPI) creating sustainable earnings.

6: Does Pcube-wellness 2.0 provide personalized experiences?
A: Yes, Pcube-wellness 2.0 offers a personalized algorithm assessed daily wisdom, advanced personality assessment (indices), and personalized workout sets (coming soon). It analyzes user data with an algorithm to make each experience unique (with AI-EI in the future).

7: Does Pcube-wellness 2.0 offer customer support?
A: Yes, Pcube-wellness 2.0 offers SARA support with responsive customer service. It also offers PANIC support through SARA with self-help tools and dedicated online support.

8: Does Pcube-wellness 2.0 offer language support?
A: Yes, Pcube-wellness 2.0 has science behind language processing & integration in the app, as well as a local language interface. It explains how local language supports learning (NLP).

9: What is the pricing model for Pcube-wellness 2.0?
A: Pcube-wellness 2.0 has completely transparent pay-per-use and premium plans. It is affordable and offers self-help access.

10: Is my data shared with anyone else?
A: No, Pcube-wellness 2.0 keeps all user data completely private and does not share it with anyone.

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