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SOULWALA® is happy to announce the launch of the Version 1.1 of Pcube-wellness, a Mobile and Web App!

Pcube-wellness is Your Personal Problem Processor that will guide you in coping with stress, anxiety and many other lifestyle related ailments. This App has been authored by two prominent doctors from Argentina, Dr. Daniel Asis and Dr. Damian Klor. Team SOULWALA® has spearheaded the incorporation of their scientific knowledge with modern technology to bring to you a Personal Problem Processor. 

The App provides scientifically proven techniques that are easy to use with self-tests that allow you to measure your evolution and evaluate your progress in solving:

- Psychological Conflicts
- Emotional Sufferings
- Stress
- Addictions
- Problems in Interpersonal Relationships.

Please click HERE to see Dr. Daniel Asis's introduction to the App.

Testimonial from a Pcube User

Stay tuned to read more testimonials in the next newsletter.

In this App, you will find support for your journey:

- Facing and overcoming hard moments
- Surpassing sadness and loss
- Solve personal problems of your daily life
- Managing stress

Click HERE for a sneak peek inside the App

Available In
Four Languages
Across All Platforms!

Join Our FAMILY! 

Please download and subscribe to the App now!

Find more information about the App on the website and use the App today.

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